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Design support

AQ Welded Structures works with design support for its customers. Design support is primarily used for adapting the customer's products to practical reality. Within design support, we have tools so we can receive customer files. Our main CAD system is IRONCAD.

Communication options

Availability and speed are the main keywords in AQ Welded Structures investments in communication.This deals with communication between customer and AQ Welded Structures, between AQ Welded Structures and its subcontractors as well as within the Group.

The company has well-developed options to communicate via EDI, CAD and the MPS-system Monitor.

Laser cutting


As a first step in the production, AQ Welded Structures has a 6 kW laser cutting machine, of the brand Bystronic. The working range for the machine is 4000 x 2000 mm, which provides customers with great flexibility in ordering products and units of varying sizes. The maximum plate thicknesses that can be cut are in black plate 25 mm, in stainless steel 15 mm and in alloyed aluminium 8 mm.

Adjoining the machine, there is an automatic loading station with switching table, so the machine can be used to the maximum.

Sheet metal working

In the continued processing to a finished product, AQ Welded Structures has machines for sheet metal working. We make use of edge presses with a length of up to 4000 mm and with a working pressure between 25-320 tons. There is a manual hole punch available with a capacity between 10-20  tons and an Excenter Press with a capacity between 25-60 tons. We can also carry out deep drawing up to 250 tons with plate holding function.

Cutting machining

AQ Welded Structures modern lathes have power tools that can perform various advanced types of turning for complex products.

To strengthen the turning, AQ Welded Structures can also offer customers 4-axis processing in the milling machine.


Robot welding
To join products together for customers, AQ Welded Structures has modern facilities with several welding robots for MIG and MAG welding. The max pallet size that can be welded is Ø2600 mm with a weight up to max 1 tonne. Welding can be done in most weldable materials.

Manual welding
To meet customer needs and wishes, we have a number of skilled employees who carry out manual welding, for example MIG, MAG, TIG and MMA welding.

Assembly & system assembly

In the production, advanced assembly is carried out. Our goal is to increase the degree of assembly, with the highest quality, for our customers.