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AQ Trafo AB

AQ Trafo offers customised development and manufacturing of inductive components and assembled products for demanding industry customers.

We are one of the major manufacturers of dry insulated inductive components within the range of 1VA to 2MVA in Scandinavia. Our product range includes a broad spectrum of transformers and inductors. Over many years a conscious emphasis on technical development, quality assurance and environmental adaptation has given us a leading position on the market. We offer prototype production, calculations, CAD drawings, manufacturing and electrical measurements. The services we offer include also repairs and subcontracting work such as coil winding.

We have well-established low cost production units in Bulgaria, China and India. They have the necessary equipment for both inductive components and assembly.

Our customers are primarily in the segments: trains, telecommunication and electro-technical industry. These include: ABB, Alstom, Bombardier and Enics.

Quick facts

Production facilities

7000 sq. m in Bulgaria
5000 sq. m in China
3000 sq. m in India

Manufacturing methods

Wire and tape winding
Casting or impregnation
Testing of all components

Number of employees

6 people (+ the personnel in Bulgaria, China and India)

Corporate identity number


AQ Trafo AB gets the highest score (AAA) in D&B credit raking.


AQ Trafo AB was founded in 1994 as a branch of ABB Industrial Systems. The company has many years of experience in its area of operation.

Business Concept

* Customised development and manufacturing of inductive components for demanding industry customers.
* With our commitment to Total Quality our customers become long-term partners.