Cision Websolutions


Customer driven manufacturing

Our factories are modern facilities with efficient and coordinated processes.
Planning and production are based on close cooperation with our customers, to attain an efficient resource economic flow from order to delivery

Methodical quality control

We believe in "To measure is to know", and we apply a number of quality tools for the control and development of all our business processes and products. The results from measurements and studies are a strong factor in our improvement work.

Injection molding

Today, we manufacture a wide range of plastic products, from household articles to complex precision components for the automotive and electronics industries, to name a few. We process most structural plastic materials including PC, PA, PBT, PC/ABS, PP, ABS,TPE, TPU and POM, in addition to high performance plastics capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 200°C, e.g. PES, PEI and PEEK.

Our injection molding equipment include both horizontal and vertical injector molders with clamping force up to 1500 tons, producing component sizes from tenths of a gram up to 3 kg. Our equipment is supported by picking robots that enable fully automatic production 24 hours per day.

Our specialties include multi-component injection molding and insert molding, where we cast together several components in different materials in to one component. We also offer post processing such as ultra-sonic welding and painting.

Marking of plastic components

We can tampo print, inkjet print, or laser engrave directly onto plastic components. This can be done during the injection molding or in a subsequent step.

Thin sheet metal punching

In our punching process, we manufacture everything from simple components of varying sizes to very advanced drawn and bent components with high requirements for levelness and correct shape. Today, we work with material from 0.1 mm up to 3 mm. We have Excentric presses with press capacities from 10 to 200 tons.

Wash and barrel polishing

In our environmentally friendly post-processing process, we deburr and wash metal components in small and large volumes in a very effective way.

Assembly – automatic or manual

For many customers, it is rational to acquire assembled products instead of several components. In this case, we can provide efficient manual or automated assembly. For products requiring labor intensive assembly, we can also provide injection molding as well as assembly in low cost countries.

Tool manufacturing

We offer production of tool and prototypes from low cost countries as well as from our own manufacturing. This guarantees good quality and fast delivery times. With our expertise, we provide support with design solutions and proposals for more cost effective production.