Cision Websolutions


With our own department for design, we can support our customers in the design phase. Our entire expertise in engineering, electronics and electrics is included in our offer. We can help come up with ideas and test solutions for both new production and changes in production.

Here we find the answer for how a product can be assembled with the highest cost efficiency, where it best can be manufactured and how the logistics have to be organised. We will help with everything, so that our customers will get as much as possible out of working with us.

Our strongest catchwords are delivery reliability and quality. Moreover, our strength is in always delivering a uniform and high quality product, paired with short delivery times. We live up to this, which is reflected in the follow-ups that are carried out by our customers.

Development as well as production of prototypes and small series is carried out in our facilities in Västerås and Bollnäs. When the market demands larger volumes and when there is more manual work in the products, we can take care of the assignment in our factory in Bulgaria. A factory that has been owned by AQ since the middle of the 90’s.