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Nomination committee

At the Annual General Meeting of April 21, 2021, it was decided that the Nomination Committee shall consist of the four largest shareholders. The term of the Nomination Committee is proposed to apply until a new Nomination Committee has been constituted. In connection with the end of the third quarter, the Board's Chairman contacts the four largest shareholders in the company and calls on them to immediately appoint its representative to the Nomination Committee. If a shareholder abstains from their right to appoint a member, the right to appoint a member moves to the next largest shareholder. The Nomination Committee appoints its chairman. The Nomination Committee shall be publicly announced no later than six months before the 2022 AGM. There is no remuneration to the members of the Nomination Committee, but any expenses will be borne by the company.

The Nomination Committe currently consists of:

  • Hans Christian Bratterud (ODIN Fonder)
  • Björn Henriksson (Nordea Fonder)
  • Per Olof Andersson, chariman of the Nomination Committee
  • Claes Mellgren