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Level Switch FX


Level Switch FX is our low cost stand-alone ultrasonic Level Switch. It registers the liquid level inside a container without contact with the liquid. We call it a non-contacting measurement solution. It has an inbuilt electronic unit with only one button for fast and easy calibrations. The results are displayed on a 2 color LED indicator at the Level Switch FX and also with a NPN output transistor.

The FX sensor is designed for measuring with the WR technique.

WR Technique
The WR technique measures vibrations in the container wall to determine if there is liquid or not behind the wall.The WR-technique transmits sound and then measures how quickly vibrations in the container wall disappear.Vibrations in the wall disappear more quickly with liquid inside. The WR-technique works well with most liquids since the sound does not have to travel through the liquid.

For more information download the product datasheet:
Level Switch FX.pdf

or download the manual in File archive